30 September 2020

Man City’s Georgia Stanway has no problem with short turnaround between FA Cup quarter-finals and semis

Manchester City striker Georgia Stanway says the quick turnaround between their FA Cup quarter-final and tomorrow night’s semi is a chance ‘to build momentum’.

City beat Leicester City 2-1 on Sunday and will play Arsenal tomorrow and Stanway believes the short gap between the tiese gives her club more ‘opportunities’.

She said: "I think people say we were moaning in lockdown that we weren't playing and now people are saying we’re moaning now we're playing too much and I think there’s no common ground in there. As players there’s nothing better than game day, to know that you’re resting, recovering and knowing you've got a two-day turnaround there's no better feeling.

"You enjoy the game and it's another opportunity and it helps us build momentum, helps us grow, everyone gets an opportunity. We aren’t an 11-man squad, we're a 22-man squad and there’s an opportunity for everyone to play and for everyone to showcase what they are doing.

“It’s one of them where there's no better day than game day so we’re going to enjoy as much games as we can.”

When City play Arsenal the games are normally tight and the two clubs have a good rivalry between them. Stanway added the new signings both clubs have brought in over the summer will only add to that competition.

She said: "I think women's football is getting so much stronger and the talent pool is getting bigger. There’s players coming from overseas coming to play over here so I feel like Women’s Super League is getting so much stronger and that shows in the signings we've made and the signings Arsenal have made.

"I think that will make the gap closer and make it even more competitive, but I think as Man City we know what we're capable of. We know how we want to play and what we want to achieve, that’s just ingrained in us now and we're going to go out there and we're going to fight as much as we can to get the best possible result.

“But we're just here to do our job and we want to lift trophies at the end of it so we're going to put ourselves in the best possible position to do that.”

Stanway wants to put women's football on the front foot (PA)

Stanway also said City will relish having the home advantage in the semi but admitted Arsenal will benefit from their pitch as it’s the ‘best in the WSL’.  

“I think being at home is definitely an advantage for us because we know our pitch, we like our pitch. But it’s also an advantage for anyone who comes and plays here because it's probably one of the best stadiums, if not the best pitch in the league,” she said.

“If you were any club and you wanted to come and play here then you’re able to play good football. The pitch is always watered, it's obviously like carpet so I think everyone who plays there will play nice football.”

City are the FA Cup holders and Stanway has said not only is it exciting to be fighting for the trophy but also to be putting ’women’s football on the front foot’.

She said: "The feeling is very much the same [as last year]. You can’t beat, as a player, game day and that’s something we are getting lots of so we're in our element, we’re thriving. It’s exciting, it's another opportunity to go out there and put Man City on the map.

"Just to showcase how much hard work we've put in, the things we sacrifice, what we do day in, day out because we're not just here for fun we're here to prove a point. We want to be recognised and we want to put women's football on the front foot and I think that's what we're here to do and that's what the WSL is here to do.

“I think tomorrow is not only going to be a semi-final but some people could almost call it a final because there are two top teams that are in it and it’s exciting just to see what’s going to happen. I think it'll be a good game for the fans to watch and the final will be at Wembley and there's no better stage than there so it’s another opportunity to go out there and do what we can.”

Man City v Arsenal will kick off at 7.15pm and you can catch all the action here as NewsChain will be liveblogging the fixture.

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