Watch the amazing deer of Richmond Park cooling off in the mini heatwave...but don’t mention ‘Fenton!’

11:34am, Thu 09 Sep 2021
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It’s not only us humans who need to take a break from the sunshine as the country enjoys a mini heatwave.

These stags headed for the nearest stream in London’s Richmond Park, home to around 345 Red deer and 315 Fallow deer.

The park and the deer gained worldwide notoriety nine years ago thanks to the antics of a rogue Labrador named Fenton.

The peace of the park was suddenly shattered by a dog walker crying out ‘Fenton?’ This was soon followed by rather more desperate cries of ‘Jesus Christ, Fenton’ as Max Findlay is then seen hot on his dog’s tail as it chases a herd of deer across the park - and then across a road.

But park officials are keen to emphasise the care to be taken when visiting the park, especially with dogs, pointing out that deer are wild animals and it is dangerous to approach them.

This is particularly the case in May, June and July, when nursing mothers are protecting their young, and between September and November, when the males are rutting.

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