28 September 2023

Proportion of children who have received key vaccinations, by local area

28 September 2023

Here is a breakdown of the proportion of children in England who have received key vaccinations, by upper-tier local authority area.

The data has been published by NHS England and is for the year 2022/23.

The figures are presented in three sections.

The first section gives the data for children who received their primary DtaP/IPV/Hib/HepB (six-in-one) vaccination by their first birthday.

The second section gives the data for children who received their primary DtaP/IPV/Hib/HepB (six-in-one) vaccination or DTaP/IPV/Hib (five-in-one) vaccine by their fifth birthday.

The third section gives the data for children who received both doses of their MMR (measles, mumps & rubella) vaccine by their fifth birthday.

The DTaP/IPV/Hib (five-in-one) vaccine was replaced by the DTaP/IPV/Hib/HepB (six-in-one) vaccine in August 2017, meaning five-year-olds in 2022/23 will have been offered either the five-in-one or the six-in-one vaccination, depending on the year they were vaccinated.

Each section is ordered by the percentage of children who have received the vaccine, starting with the highest.

1. Percentage of children in 2022/23 who had received their DtaP/IPV/Hib/HepB (six-in-one) vaccination by their first birthday:

Sunderland (NE England) 97.6%East Riding of Yorkshire (Yorkshire & Humber) 97.3%South Tyneside (NE England) 96.9%Derbyshire (E Midlands) 96.8%Hampshire (SE England) 96.7%County Durham (NE England) 96.6%Northumberland (NE England) 96.6%North Tyneside (NE England) 96.5%Wiltshire (SW England) 96.3%Leicestershire & Rutland (E Midlands) 96.1%Cumbria (NW England) 95.9%Plymouth (SW England) 95.8%Bath & North East Somerset (SW England) 95.8%Devon (SW England) 95.7%Shropshire (W Midlands) 95.7%South Gloucestershire (SW England) 95.7%North Somerset (SW England) 95.6 %Barnsley (Yorkshire & Humber) 95.5%Worcestershire (W Midlands) 95.5%Warwickshire (W Midlands) 95.4%Staffordshire (W Midlands) 95.3%West Berkshire (SE England) 95.3%Trafford (NW England) 95.3%Stockport (NW England) 95.2%Portsmouth (SE England) 95.2%North East Lincolnshire (Yorkshire & Humber) 95.1%Herefordshire (W Midlands) 95.1%Stockton-on-Tees (NE England) 95.0%Wigan (NW England) 94.8%Bolton (NW England) 94.8%Dorset (SW England) 94.8%Oxfordshire (SE England) 94.7%Wakefield (Yorkshire & Humber) 94.7%Hartlepool (NE England) 94.7%Milton Keynes (SE England) 94.5%Norfolk (E England) 94.5%Windsor and Maidenhead (SE England) 94.4%Redcar and Cleveland (NE England) 94.4%Torbay (SW England) 94.4%Wokingham (SE England) 94.4%Warrington (NW England) 94.3%Cheshire East (NW England) 94.2%Gloucestershire (SW England) 94.1%Darlington (NE England) 94.1%Dudley (W Midlands) 94.1%Cambridgeshire (E England) 94.1%Telford & Wrekin (W Midlands) 94.1%North Yorkshire (Yorkshire & Humber) 94.1%Central Bedfordshire (E England) 94.1%Nottinghamshire (E Midlands) 94.1%Suffolk (E England) 94.1%Rotherham (Yorkshire & Humber) 93.9%Cheshire West & Chester (NW England) 93.9%Buckinghamshire (SE England) 93.8%Somerset (SW England) 93.6%Bracknell Forest (SE England) 93.6%Wirral (NW England) 93.6%Southampton (SE England) 93.5%Bedford (E England) 93. %Gateshead (NE England) 93.3%Essex (E England) 93.3%Bromley (London) 93.2%Swindon (SW England) 93.2%Cornwall & Isles of Scilly (SW England) 93.1%Surrey (SE England) 93.0%Isle of Wight (SE England) 92.7%Kirklees (Yorkshire & Humber) 92.7%Bristol (SW England) 92.7%Derby (E Midlands) 92.6%North Northamptonshire (E Midlands) 92.6%Newcastle-upon-Tyne (NE England) 92.6%Solihull (W Midlands) 92.5%Halton (NW England) 92.5%Kent (SE England) 92.5%East Sussex (SE England) 92.4%Stoke-on-Trent (W Midlands) 92.2%Ealing (London) 92.2%Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (SW England) 92.1%Bury (NW England) 92.1%Hull (Yorkshire & Humber) 92.1%Tameside (NW England) 92.1%West Sussex (SE England) 92.0%Rochdale (NW England) 92.0%Doncaster (Yorkshire & Humber) 92.0%Reading (SE England) 91.9%Brighton & Hove (SE England) 91.8%North Lincolnshire (Yorkshire & Humber) 91.7%Bexley (London) 91.7%Calderdale (Yorkshire & Humber) 91.7%Blackpool (NW England) 91.7%Southend-on-Sea (E England) 91.5%Sheffield (Yorkshire & Humber) 91.5%West Northamptonshire (E Midlands) 91.5%Oldham (NW England) 91.4%Kingston-upon-Thames (London) 91.3%Leicester (E Midlands) 91.2%Sutton (London) 91.2%Medway (SE England) 91.2%Lincolnshire (E Midlands) 91.2%Thurrock (E England) 91.1%St Helens (NW England) 91.1%Coventry (W Midlands) 91.1%York (Yorkshire & Humber) 91.1%Slough (SE England) 91.0%Havering (London) 90.9%Hounslow (London) 90.8%Lancashire (NW England) 90.3%Hertfordshire (E England) 90.3%Hillingdon (London) 90.3%Middlesbrough (NE England) 90.1%Tower Hamlets (London) 90.0%Wandsworth (London) 89.9%Walsall (W Midlands) 89.8%Luton (E England) 89.6%Salford (NW England) 89.5%Greenwich (London) 89.4%Leeds (Yorkshire & Humber) 89.4%Manchester (NW England) 89.3%Sefton (NW England) 89.3%Sandwell (W Midlands) 89.3%Richmond-upon-Thames (London) 89.2%Lambeth (London) 89.2%Lewisham (London) 89.1%Waltham Forest (London) 88.8%Merton (London) 88.7%Bradford (Yorkshire & Humber) 88.5%Southwark (London) 88.2%Barnet (London) 88.0%Redbridge (London) 87.9%Nottingham (E Midlands) 87.7%Westminster (London) 87.6%Wolverhampton (W Midlands) 87.6%Islington (London) 87.3%Brent (London) 87.2%Harrow (London) 87.2%Newham (London) 87.0%Blackburn with Darwen (NW England) 87.0%Hammersmith & Fulham (London) 86.8%Knowsley (NW England) 86.5%Birmingham (W Midlands) 86.0%Haringey (London) 85.5%Barking & Dagenham (London) 85.3%Peterborough (E England) 84.7%Liverpool (NW England) 84.3%Croydon (London) 83.9%Camden (London) 83.8%Enfield (London) 83.1%Kensington & Chelsea (London) 82.4%Hackney & City of London (London) 67.8%

2. Percentage of children in 2022/23 who had received their primary DtaP/IPV/Hib/HepB (six-in-one) vaccination or DTaP/IPV/Hib (five-in-one) vaccine by their fifth birthday:

Derbyshire (E Midlands) 97.6%County Durham (NE England) 97.5%East Riding of Yorkshire (Yorkshire/Humber) 97.5%Plymouth (SW England) 97.4%North Somerset (SW England) 97.1%South Tyneside (NE England) 97.0%Barnsley (Yorkshire/Humber) 97.0%South Gloucestershire (SW England) 96.8%West Berkshire (SE England) 96.7%Leicestershire & Rutland (E Midlands) 96.7%Wiltshire (SW England) 96.6%Stockport (NW England) 96.5%Worcestershire (W Midlands) 96.5%North East Lincolnshire (Yorkshire/Humber) 96.4%Bath & North East Somerset (SW England) 96.4%Dorset (SW England) 96.4%North Yorkshire (Yorkshire/Humber) 96.4%Devon (SW England) 96.4%Sunderland (NE England) 96.3%Staffordshire (W Midlands) 96.3%Darlington (NE England) 96.3%Shropshire (W Midlands) 96.3%Norfolk (E England) 96.3%Trafford (NW England) 96.1%North Tyneside (NE England) 96.1%Wigan (NW England) 96.0%Wakefield (Yorkshire/Humber) 95.9%Tameside (NW England) 95.9%Oxfordshire (SE England) 95.9%Cornwall & Isles of Scilly (SW England) 95.8%Somerset (SW England) 95.8%Bracknell Forest (SE England) 95.8%Buckinghamshire (SE England) 95.8%Torbay (SW England) 95.8%Rotherham (Yorkshire/Humber) 95.7%Hampshire (SE England) 95.6%Windsor & Maidenhead (SE England) 95.6%Cambridgeshire (E England) 95.6%Blackburn with Darwen (NW England) 95.5%Lancashire (NW England) 95.5%Central Bedfordshire (E England) 95.4%Northumberland (NE England) 95.4%Essex (E England) 95.4%Wirral (NW England) 95.3%Wokingham (SE England) 95.3%Telford & Wrekin (W Midlands) 95.3%Halton (NW England) 95.3%Solihull (W Midlands) 95.3%Cheshire East (NW England) 95.3%Warwickshire (W Midlands) 95.2%Cumbria (NW England) 95.2%Bolton (NW England) 95.2%Stockton-on-Tees (NE England) 95.2%Gateshead (NE England) 95.2%Dudley (W Midlands) 95.1%St Helens (NW England) 95.1%West Sussex (SE England) 95.1%Nottinghamshire (E Midlands) 95.1%Cheshire West & Chester (NW England) 95.0%York (Yorkshire/Humber) 95.0%Hartlepool (NE England) 95.0%Gloucestershire (SW England) 94.9%Swindon (SW England) 94.6%Bedford (E England) 94.6%Blackpool (NW England) 94.6%Herefordshire (W Midlands) 94.5%Redcar & Cleveland (NE England) 94.5%Suffolk (E England) 94.5%Rochdale (NW England) 94.4%Sheffield (Yorkshire/Humber) 94.3%Slough (SE England) 94.3%Oldham (NW England) 94.3%Kirklees (Yorkshire/Humber) 94.3%Hertfordshire (E England) 94.3%Warrington (NW England) 94.1%Reading (SE England) 94.1%West Northamptonshire (E Midlands) 94.0%Stoke-on-Trent (W Midlands) 94.0%Calderdale (Yorkshire/Humber) 93.9%Doncaster (Yorkshire/Humber) 93.9%Knowsley (NW England) 93.7%Kent (SE England) 93.7%Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (SW England) 93.7%Portsmouth (SE England) 93.7%Southend-on-Sea (E England) 93.7%Walsall (W Midlands) 93.6%Sefton (NW England) 93.6%Bristol (SW England) 93.6%Leeds (Yorkshire/Humber) 93.6%Bury (NW England) 93.5%Bradford (Yorkshire/Humber) 93.4 %Derby (E Midlands) 93.4%Leicester (E Midlands) 93.1%Thurrock (E England) 93.1%North Northamptonshire (E Midlands) 92.8%North Lincolnshire (Yorkshire/Humber) 92.8%Isle of Wight (SE England) 92.8%East Sussex (SE England) 92.8%Southampton (SE England) 92.7%Bromley (London) 92.7%Sandwell (W Midlands) 92.5%Milton Keynes (SE England) 92.5%Havering (London) 92.4%Brighton & Hove (SE England) 92.0%Medway (SE England) 91.9%Hull (Yorkshire/Humber) 91.8%Surrey (SE England) 91.8%Coventry (W Midlands) 91.7%Lincolnshire (E Midlands) 91.7%Ealing (London) 91.2%Newcastle-upon-Tyne (NE England) 91.1%Sutton (London) 90.9%Tower Hamlets (London) 90.7%Greenwich (London) 90.6%Richmond-upon-Thames (London) 90.5%Wolverhampton (W Midlands) 90.3%Salford (NW England) 90.2%Bexley (London) 90.1%Luton (E England) 89.7%Nottingham (E Midlands) 89.7%Birmingham (W Midlands) 89.7%Lewisham (London) 89.5%Southwark (London) 89.3%Manchester (NW England) 89.2%Hillingdon (London) 89.1%Islington (London) 89.0%Liverpool (NW England) 88.8%Kingston-upon-Thames (London) 88.6%Lambeth (London) 88.6%Merton (London) 88.6%Barnet (London) 88.3%Middlesbrough (NE England) 88.2%Wandsworth (London) 88.2%Barking & Dagenham (London) 88.2%Waltham Forest (London) 88.1%Hounslow (London) 88.0%Harrow (London) 87.8%Redbridge (London) 87.5%Peterborough (E England) 87.4%Hammersmith & Fulham (London) 87.1%Westminster (London) 87.1%Newham (London) 87.0%Croydon (London) 86.6%Brent (London) 86.4%Camden (London) 85.4%Enfield (London) 84.9%Haringey (London) 83.9%Kensington & Chelsea (London) 83.7%Hackney & City of London (London) 79.4%

3. Percentage of children in 2022/23 who had received both doses of their MMR vaccine by their fifth birthday:

East Riding of Yorkshire (Yorkshire/Humber) 94.4%County Durham (NE England) 94.0%Cumbria (NW England) 93.5%Bath & North East Somerset (SW England) 93.3%Derbyshire (E Midlands) 93.1%West Berkshire (SE England) 93.0%North Tyneside (NE England) 92.8%South Tyneside (NE England) 92.7%Northumberland (NE England) 92.6%Wiltshire (SW England) 92.4%Sunderland (NE England) 92.4%Dorset (SW England) 92.3%Devon (SW England) 92.3%Barnsley (Yorkshire/Humber) 92.2%Stockton-on-Tees (NE England) 92.0%Leicestershire & Rutland (E Midlands) 91.9%Rotherham (Yorkshire/Humber) 91.8%South Gloucestershire (SW England) 91.6%North East Lincolnshire (Yorkshire/Humber) 91.6%Plymouth (SW England) 91.6%North Somerset (SW England) 91.4%Stockport (NW England) 91.3%Wokingham (SE England) 91.1%Hampshire (SE England) 91.0%Central Bedfordshire (E England) 90.8%Darlington (NE England) 90.8%Oxfordshire (SE England) 90.6%Norfolk (E England) 90.6%Worcestershire (W Midlands) 90.6%Somerset (SW England) 90.4%Bedford (E England) 90.4%North Yorkshire (Yorkshire/Humber) 90.3%Buckinghamshire (SE England) 90.3%Cheshire East (NW England) 89.9%Cheshire West & Chester (NW England) 89.9%Shropshire (W Midlands) 89.8%Bracknell Forest (SE England) 89.5%West Sussex (SE England) 89.5%Redcar & Cleveland (NE England) 89.5%Torbay (SW England) 89.3%Gloucestershire (SW England) 89.3%Staffordshire (W Midlands) 89.3%Dudley (W Midlands) 89.3%Cambridgeshire (E England) 89.3%Wakefield (Yorkshire/Humber) 89.2%Warrington (NW England) 89.2%Suffolk (E England) 89.1%Cornwall & Isles of Scilly (SW England) 89.0%Halton (NW England) 89.0%Trafford (NW England) 89.0%Windsor & Maidenhead (SE England) 88.8%Hertfordshire (E England) 88.8%Wirral (NW England) 88.7%Warwickshire (W Midlands) 88.5%Gateshead (NE England) 88.5%Kirklees (Yorkshire/Humber) 88.4%Wigan (NW England) 88.4%Essex (E England) 88.3%Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (SW England) 88.2%Blackburn with Darwen (NW England) 88.2%Lancashire (NW England) 88.1%Herefordshire (W Midlands) 88.1%Bolton (NW England) 87.6%Milton Keynes (SE England) 87.4%Blackpool (NW England) 87.4%Bromley (London) 87.0%Telford & Wrekin (W Midlands) 87.0%North Northamptonshire (E Midlands) 86.9%Swindon (SW England) 86.8%East Sussex (SE England) 86.8%Tameside (NW England) 86.5%York (Yorkshire/Humber) 86.5%Portsmouth (SE England) 86.2%St Helens (NW England) 86.0%Nottinghamshire (E Midlands) 86.0%Calderdale (Yorkshire/Humber) 85.9%Solihull (W Midlands) 85.8%Southampton (SE England) 85.7%Hull (Yorkshire/Humber) 85.6%Isle of Wight (SE England) 85.5%North Lincolnshire (Yorkshire/Humber) 85.5%Stoke-on-Trent (W Midlands) 85.4%Rochdale (NW England) 85.2%Sheffield (Yorkshire/Humber) 85.2%Kent (SE England) 85.2%Newcastle-upon-Tyne (NE England) 85.1%West Northamptonshire (E Midlands) 85.0%Southend-on-Sea (E England) 85.0%Slough (SE England) 84.6%Hartlepool (NE England) 84.5%Brighton & Hove (SE England) 84.4%Reading (SE England) 84.4%Bristol (SW England) 84.3%Doncaster (Yorkshire/Humber) 84.2%Lincolnshire (E Midlands) 83.9%Leeds (Yorkshire/Humber) 83.8%Bradford (Yorkshire/Humber) 83.6%Surrey (SE England) 83.5%Greenwich (London) 83.4%Bury (NW England) 83.3%Walsall (W Midlands) 83.1%Thurrock (E England) 82.8%Sefton (NW England) 82.6%Bexley (London) 82.6%Southwark (London) 82.5%Medway (SE England) 82.5%Middlesbrough (NE England) 82.1%Coventry (W Midlands) 81.7%Luton (E England) 81.4%Ealing (London) 81.0%Hillingdon (London) 81.0%Oldham (NW England) 80.8%Lewisham (London) 80.4%Sandwell (W Midlands) 80.2%Salford (NW England) 79.8%Derby (E Midlands) 79.6%Havering (London) 79.5%Leicester (E Midlands) 79.2%Lambeth (London) 79.1%Wolverhampton (W Midlands) 79.1%Harrow (London) 78.9%Hounslow (London) 77.9%Sutton (London) 77.7%Brent (London) 77.6%Knowsley (NW England) 76.5%Kingston-upon-Thames (London) 76.4%Peterborough (E England) 75.7%Wandsworth (London) 75.2%Nottingham (E Midlands) 75.1%Birmingham (W Midlands) 75.1%Manchester (NW England) 74.5%Richmond-upon-Thames (London) 74.1%Westminster (London) 74.0%Tower Hamlets (London) 73.8%Liverpool (NW England) 73.6%Merton (London) 71.7%Waltham Forest (London) 70.8%Barnet (London) 70.6%Hammersmith & Fulham (London) 70.3%Croydon (London) 70.3%Redbridge (London) 69.5%Barking & Dagenham (London) 69.5%Newham (London) 68.0%Kensington & Chelsea (London) 67.2%Islington (London) 66.3%Haringey (London) 65.9%Enfield (London) 64.8%Camden (London) 63.6%Hackney & City of London (London) 56.3%

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