09 July 2020

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness questions Joe Biden’s policy on marijuana but insists he’ll still vote for him

Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness has questioned presidential nominee Joe Biden’s policy on marijuana and expunging records for non-violent criminals.

Van Ness took to Twitter and despite picking apart Biden’s policy he did say he would still be voting for him in November.

He first tweeted: "How much more excited would people be to vote for @JoeBiden if he would commit to legalising marijuana & expunging the records of non violent offenders.

“Marijuana prohibition is racist and has always been, Joe, you wrote some of those laws. You need rethink your position."

However, some of his followers corrected the TV personality as the Democrat nominee does feature marijuana in his policy.

The policy states Biden would seek the legalisation of cannabis for medical reasons and he would allow individual states to determine the legality of recreational use. It also says Biden doesn’t believe people should go to jail for marijuana use.

Van Ness later added: "Whoops... kind of? So his policy is to expunge & decriminalise federally but leave it to states for recreational use... I don’t trust A LOT of states on this. It needs to be federally legalised period end of story.

"Anything less than federal legalisation of marijuana would enable many states to continue their long racist histories of using marijuana as a tool to harass and incarcerate black and brown people.

“As so many states are attacking reproductive rights, voting rights, and trans rights we should not leave tools open for racist state legislatures to push their racist ass agendas.”

And he stated that while he would still be voting for Biden, it is important to hold candidates to account, whether you support them or not.

“To be clear I obviously will be voting for  @JoeBiden I support him & will be voting for him and have already been campaigning for him,” he added.

“That said, we should push our candidates to do what’s right when they have not gone far enough.”

Van Ness is one of the Fab Five on Netflix’s Queer Eye, a makeover show. Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk also star.

Biden is running for president in November and will be competing against current US president Donald Trump.

US rapper Kanye West also threw his hat into the ring last week though it has not been confirmed if he is officially running for office.

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