04 March 2021

Quotes of the day

04 March 2021

“I’ve been doing a lot, in fact, everything I can, to lose weight and to feel fitter and healthier. The result is I actually have lost some weight, quite a lot by my standards, and I feel much more energetic, I feel full of beans and I thoroughly, thoroughly recommend it” – Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“I answered every question that was put to me. So I intend now to rest on that, to allow both the committee and the inquiry on the ministerial code to conclude their work. In the meantime I am going to get on with doing the job I suspect most people watching at home right now want me to get on with – which is leading this country through and out of a pandemic” – First Minister Nicola Sturgeon speaking at First Minister’s Questions on Thursday, the day after she gave evidence to the Holyrood inquiry.

“I had stuffed crust pizza last night – it was very good” – Chancellor Rishi Sunak on his post-Budget dinner.

“Migraine is common, it’s disabling, that’s why it’s important. When we started out our research, people would look at you – well they still do a little bit – they look at you as crazy, that you were going to take an interest in headache disorders” – Peter Goadsby, a professor at King’s College London, who is part of a group of neuroscientists that has won the Brain Prize for their pioneering migraine research.

“I’ve said before that I’m optimistic for a great British summer and I’m now more optimistic about having a great British summer than I have been at any time, thanks to the speed and the effectiveness of the vaccine rollout” – Health Secretary Matt Hancock, speaking during a visit to Glasgow.

“Okapis are incredibly secretive animals and, for a little while following her birth, Nia Nia had not wanted to venture too far and had instead remained snuggled up in her cosy nest area, with mum returning to her every few hours to allow her to feed. But now she’s gaining in confidence every single day, she’s bouncing with energy and eager to explore. She’s a joy to watch – she’s all ears and long, spindly legs” – Sarah Roffe, of Chester Zoo on the birth of a new female okapi at the zoo.

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