13 January 2021

Sacha Baron Cohen reveals he hid in toilet for several hours dressed as Donald Trump for Borat movie

Writer and actor Sacha Baron Cohen has revealed he hid in a toilet for several hours before crashing the 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference as part of a scene in the Borat 2 movie.

Cohen, who brought the Kazakh character back for the first time since 2006 before the US election last year, stormed into the event dressed as Donald Trump while vice-president Mike Pence was making his speech.

Borat is one of the most famous characters Cohen has created over the years


And the British comedian has now discussed exactly what preparation went into becoming a fake President Trump.

"I’m often asked, ‘How does an actor prepare for a scene?’" Cohen told the Los Angeles Times.

"And I prepared by waking up at one in the morning, driving to a motel, sitting in a chair for six hours while a prosthetics team changed my face to Donald Trump’s and then, yes, sneaking into CPAC and staying in a men’s lavatory for a number of hours.

"I had a phone, and I had one Coca-Cola. And I put little lines on the Coke bottle for how much I could drink per hour.

"In the meantime, I became familiar with the inner workings of the right-wing man more than anyone around. I know their diets. They need more roughage. It was a little too lively in there."

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