Scotland football’s Shelley Kerr and Erin Cuthbert want women’s game to become more commercial and raise its profile

Kerr and Cuthbert want more commercial investment in Scottish women's football
Kerr and Cuthbert want more commercial investment in Scottish women's football (PA)
11:37am, Fri 10 Jul 2020
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Scotland football manager Shelley Kerr and player Erin Cuthbert have called for more commercial investment in the women’s game.

Kerr believes they have not capitalised upon the interest after the World Cup which was the first time the team had reached the tournament. 

She told the BBC’s Fair Play: The Women in Sport Show: "You've got to capitalise on the success of the team. We didn't do that well enough.

"We need to expand in terms of getting commercial deals for women's sport. You only have to look at newspapers - there's not enough visibility.

"Probably the hardest thing, for the World Cup and before that, was that a lot of journalists weren't that interested in women's football and then all of a sudden you have a bit of success in our country and everyone is all over it.

"I just hoped that would have continued post-World Cup and it hasn't."

While Scotland and Chelsea forward Cuthbert has said the players want to become household names.

“We don't feel that we have enough opportunities to do things. It shouldn't be one, two or three people who are doing the media; it should be all 23 players because we want everyone to become a household name,” she said.

"We felt there would be more opportunities from the World Cup but there hasn't really been, so I think we have to go down a different route as to how we become commercially viable.

"We try to compete so much with men's sports, we complain about back pages, so why don't we have our own marketing campaign instead of trying to jump on the back of men's sports, because we are completely different."

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