09 September 2019

Second world record in a week for Aly Dixon, this time as super hero in a half marathon

Aly Dixon has set her second world record in a week, completing the fastest half marathon dressed as a superhero when she flew over the Great North Run finish line. 

The 40-year-old set the 50km world record last Sunday in her first race and this weekend took on a different challenge in Gateshead as she donned a Wonder Woman costume to raise money for St. Benedict's Hospice.

The Sunderland Stroller smashed the previous record of 1.24.16 and crossed the line in South Shields in a superb 1.18.26. However, when she had originally signed up the record stood at 1 hour 42, and only fell to 1.24 three weeks ago.

The race was a family affair for Aly whose mum and sister also took part, despite her Mum admitting she hasn't run in about three years. The 64 year old completed the race in a super 2:20.

Aly not only beat the record, she also beat her fundraising goal but admitted the day didn't pass without mishap.

"I grabbed a beer at 10.5 miles but it was in cups so I spilt most of it down me.

"I had to apologise for stinking of beer during my interview."

In an exclusive interview last week, the ex-Olympian and St. Benedict's ambassador told NewsChain about her personal ties to the hospice saying: "Back at the beginning of the year the hospice asked me to be an ambassador for them so I jumped at the chance because we've got a strong family connection with them.

 "They looked after my cousin, my grandad and my uncle before they died.

The role doesn't seem to have been too tough as of yet: "All the've asked us to do so far is eat biscuits, drink gin and go to a ball," she said.

Rest is not an option for this double record holder and it's straight back to business today. "My next record attempt is how many Jaffa Cakes can I eat in 60 seconds so I'm hard in training for that.

"No way I'll get it though. The record is 17, I can manage 6.5! I might need some training." she admitted.

We await with baited breath to see how the Jaffa Cake challenge goes, but if recent history is anything to go by, the biscuits (or are they cakes?) will be no match for this determined Northerner.

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