Soccer star Quinn encourages people to create safe spaces for transgender athletes

<p>Quinn spoke out about Transgender Awareness Week</p>

Quinn spoke out about Transgender Awareness Week

(Instagram: @thequinny5)
12:47pm, Tue 17 Nov 2020
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In aid of Transgender Awareness Week, Canadian and OL Reign soccer star Quinn has said they want cis people to create a safe space for young transgender athletes.

A cis person is someone who aligns with the gender they were assigned at birth and these are the people Quinn, who came out as transgender earlier this year, was addressing.

They told Athlete Ally: "I came out to be visible as an out, proud transgender athlete. This Transgender Awareness Week, I’m calling on cisgender folk to step up and help build safe spaces for transgender youth in sports.

"Get educated, speak up and out for trans rights, and call on your coach, team-mates and loved ones to do the same."

Many of Quinn’s team-mates and friends commended her comments.

World Cup winner Megan Rapinoe wrote: "So proud and thankful to have played with this incredible human!"

Reign player Jess Fishlock shared the tweet and added: "#TransAwarenessWeek."

And Scotland international Shannon Lynn wrote: "#VisibilityMatters #TransAwarenessWeek"

Transgender Awareness Week is running from November 13-19.

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