10 March 2023

Sunak promises cheaper, cleaner energy thanks to new partnership with France

10 March 2023

Rishi Sunak has said the UK and France are working together to get their citizens cheaper, cleaner and more secure energy faster, and to prevent Vladimir Putin “weaponising our energy security”.

The Prime Minister said he and French President Emmanuel Macron had agreed an “ambitious new energy partnership”, including a deal on civil nuclear co-operation.

The two leaders discussed strengthening co-operation on energy security at the UK-France summit in Paris on Friday.

Speaking at a press conference at the Elysee Palace, Mr Sunak said energy prices are the biggest driver of inflation and cost-of-living pressures.

We’re going to be able to get our citizens cheaper, more secure, more renewable and cleaner energy, faster

“It’s because we’ve had a war that has weaponised energy supplies and all of our citizens are paying the price for that,” he said.

“And actually, that’s one of the very practical, tangible things to come out of today’s summit… that co-operation between our two countries and our businesses on improving our energy security, and accelerating the transition to renewable nuclear and more secure energy supplies.

“Now I’m more confident that we can make that happen as a result of today’s summit – because of the partnership between our researchers, our businesses, our governments, we’re going to be able to get our citizens cheaper, more secure, more renewable and cleaner energy, faster.”

The Prime Minister said they had made “good progress” on diversifying and improving the supply of energy and accelerating the transition to net zero, which would be the best way to ease the cost-of-living crisis.

Britain and France signed a new deal on civil nuclear co-operation, Mr Sunak also said, noting that the two nations “are working together so that never again can the likes of Putin weaponise our energy security”.

“Together I believe we are creating a future where every watt of energy powering our homes and industry will come from secure, sustainable and reliable sources.”

Mr Macron said they had also discussed cross-investments on renewable energy, curbing the use of fossil fuels and strengthening biodiversity.

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