17 August 2020

Taylor Swift says Trump knows Americans do not ‘want him as our president’ as he ‘dismantles postal service'

US singer Taylor Swift has said president Donald Trump knows Americans ‘do not want him as our president’ which is why he is ‘dismantling the postal service’.

Trump has openly suggested postal votes will lead to a ‘false’ result and has opposed extra funding for the US Postal Service to help them count the record amount of mail-in votes they are expecting for the presidential election in November.

“Trump’s calculated dismantling of USPS proves one thing clearly: He is WELL AWARE that we do not want him as our president. He’s chosen to blatantly cheat and put millions of Americans’ lives at risk in an effort to hold on to power,” Swift said on Twitter.

“Donald Trump’s ineffective leadership gravely worsened the crisis that we are in and he is now taking advantage of it to subvert and destroy our right to vote and vote safely. Request a ballot early. Vote early.”

Democrat elect Joe Biden has said Trump’s actions toward the postal service show he ‘doesn’t want an election’.

Biden’s party have accused the president’s new postmaster general Louis DeJoy of making changes to the service to slow down mail delivery which will disrupt mail-in votes come November. DeJoy is being reviewed due to the allegations.

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