10 June 2021

The Fishmongers’ Hall terror attack and its aftermath – as it happened

10 June 2021

Here is a timeline of key events on the day of Usman Khan’s terror attack at Fishmongers’ Hall in central London, in which Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones were killed:

– November 29 2019:

7.30am: Usman Khan travels by train from Stafford to Euston station in London.

En route, it is believed he straps a fake suicide belt around his waist and covers it with his thick jacket.

Usman Khan at Euston Station in London (PA Media)

He is met at the station by a Learning Together staff member and travels by Tube and foot to Fishmongers’ Hall, near London Bridge.

11am to noon: The delegates attend a brunch at Fishmongers’ Hall, during which video footage shows Khan talking “animatedly” with Saskia Jones at a table, even though they had not previously met.

1.45pm: Khan goes down to the toilets on the ground floor next to the reception area, followed eight minutes later by Jack Merritt.

Between 1.56pm and 1.57pm: Khan launches his attack with two knives strapped to his hands. He stabs Mr Merritt multiple times, causing 12 injuries including a fatal wound to the chest.

Khan then makes his way to the cloakroom area, where he stabs Miss Jones once in the neck. She staggers up a few steps before collapsing.

(PA Graphics) (PA Graphics)

He goes on to non-fatally stab attendees Stephanie Szczotko and Isobel Rowbotham, as well as Fishmongers’ Hall porter Lukasz Koczocik.

A number of people confront him, grabbing items to defend themselves, including an ornamental pike, a fire extinguisher and a narwhal tusk.

Khan forces a member of staff to open the doors to the building by holding a knife to his chest.

1.58pm: Police receive a call to attend the scene.

Around 2.01pm: Khan is chased on to London Bridge by ex-offenders John Crilly and Steven Gallant, and civil servant Darryn Frost.

During a confrontation on the bridge, Mr Crilly sprays a fire extinguisher at Khan and Mr Frost jabs at him with a narwhal tusk before they all tackle him to the ground with other members of the public.

Usman Khan being confronted on London Bridge (PA Wire)

2.02pm: Armed City of London Police officers arrive on the bridge and tell members of the public to stand back. Khan is shot and tasered by police, causing him to writhe on the ground.

2.10pm: After spending eight minutes writhing on the floor, Khan sits up. He is shot again due to the perceived threat from what appears to be an improvised explosive device (IED) strapped to his body.

2.12pm: Khan no longer shows any signs of life.

2.25pm: Miss Jones is pronounced dead from a single neck wound.

2.33pm: Mr Merritt is pronounced dead. A post-mortem examination later confirms he suffered multiple knife wounds, including some defensive injuries. The fatal wound is to the chest.

2.41 pm: An explosives officer moves towards Khan with armed officers and concludes the bomb belt is fake.

3.07pm: Khan is pronounced dead.

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