Tory MP Tom Tugendhat joined on live TV interview by young daughter - and it’s not the first time!

<p>Tom Tugendhat and surprise guest</p>

Tom Tugendhat and surprise guest

9:43am, Sun 06 Jun 2021
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The curse of Zoom has struck again as a politician was joined by one of his young children during a live TV interview.

And for Tom Tugendhat it was a case of ‘oh no, not again!’

Tugendhat was appearing on Sky’s Trevor Philips on Sunday discussing the UK’s foreign aid contributions.

But halfway through, the Tory MP was joined by a sleepy young daughter who appeared oblivious to the fact dad was talking on live TV.

Tugendhat, who left the British Army in July 2013 after a career in which he served on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, demonstrated remarkable calm and continued while cradling his daughter on his lap.

In March last year Tugendhat was again conducting a live TV interview when his two young children decided to make cameo appearance.

The Conservative MP for Tonbridge and Malling, was talking to Sky News from his home office in Tonbridge, Kent, when his son, Adam appeared, asking his father if he could help him paint his face.

The smiling politician told his son to leave, telling him: “I’ll do your face painting in a minute.”

Tugendhat continued with the interview until he was interrupted for a second time, this time by his young daughter, Beatrice.

“Adam! can you be a little bit quiet please?” Tugendhat pleaded with his son at one point.

The interview was concluded after a few minutes, when Tugendhat apologised for the background noise.

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