US soccer star Alex Morgan says quarantine has helped her prepare for motherhood

Morgan is nine months pregnant (Instagram: Alex Morgan)
Morgan is nine months pregnant (Instagram: Alex Morgan)
11:50am, Thu 30 Apr 2020
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US soccer star Alex Morgan has said quarantine is helping her prepare for motherhood.

The 30 year-old announced her pregnancy in October and the baby is due this month.

She told Dujour: “The silver lining of being quarantined is that I have had time completely to myself to feel ready to bring a human into this world. 

“Our lives are going to revolve around our daughter any day now so I’m just trying to maximize the time I have with my husband now.”

Morgan is on lockdown with her husband and LA Galaxy player Servando Carrasco. She added she has had a positive experience with body image throughout her pregnancy.

“I think that learning to accept my body in every stage of pregnancy surprised me. I felt like I would absolutely love every moment of [being pregnant] and as much as I’ve learned to love it, I think every woman’s pregnancy is different.

“For me, I showed a lot sooner than a lot of women and I felt self-conscious about that initially.

“I think that letting go of what other women have done and what they look like, and embracing my own journey was a learning process for me.”

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