US soccer star Crystal Dunn says black women should keep demanding equal pay

Dunn has said black women need to continue the fight for equality
Dunn has said black women need to continue the fight for equality (SIPA USA/PA Images)
16:35pm, Fri 14 Aug 2020
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North Carolina Courage soccer star Crystal Dunn has encouraged black women to continue the fight for equality.

And she used the platform of Black Women’s Equal Pay Day to make her rallying call.

“Dear Black Women, For too long we have been devalued and underpaid,” she tweeted.

“We know our worth, and it is time we self advocate even more for ourselves. I know I can do this more for myself as well. Change is on the horizon, so lets keep demanding  #BlackWomensEqualPay #BlackWomenCantWait”

Dunn is also part of the US national team’s fight for pay parity with their male counterparts which faced a setback earlier this year after a judge dismissed claims they were underpaid.

However, their claims about working conditions will go to court.

Dunn’s tweet was met with widespread support.

Aston Villa’s Anita Asante wrote: “Yaaaas Crystal!”

While investor in the new National Women’s Soccer League club Angel City, Alexis Ohanian, said: "Do not stop."

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