US soccer star Megan Rapinoe accuses Republican party of ‘flaming up’ racial tensions in US

Rapinoe has said we all are responsible for making the world a better place (Sportimage/PA Images)
20:57pm, Wed 05 Aug 2020
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US soccer captain Megan Rapinoe has accused the Republican party of ‘flaming up’ racial tensions in the US.

“For our country, to move forward, I think you’re seeing it with the rhetoric coming out of the Trump administration and the Republication party as well. I don’t think all [of it] has to be put on just Trump, the Republican party is backing him,” she told CNN.

“They are just flaming up these racial tensions in our country and it is really not benefiting anyone and of course it's disproportionately affecting black and brown people.”

She added the citizens of America can hold people in power accountable at the presidential election in November.

"If we do this together, and if we show up in November, and if we hold the people who are supposed to be representing us accountable, there is a way forward.

"We can choose to make this world and make our country a more fair and equitable place. I think sports is a good analogy for that. You get people from all over the country, from every different background coming together, for a common goal and obviously when the group comes together like that, you get something that's more special than you could ever do on your own.

“I hope people see that we do have a choice, and we have a choice who we elect into office to hold accountable.”

Rapinoe has previously joked with Democrat elect Joe Biden about being his vice-president.

And she has been consistently vocal about the Black Lives Matter movement and the demonstrations around the world in recent months.

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