31 August 2022

Video appears to capture Johnson taking part and speaking to man in police raid

31 August 2022

A video posted on social media appears to capture Boris Johnson taking part in a police raid and being filmed by and speaking to a man already in the property.

The video posted on social media comes after the Prime Minister attended a police raid on Wednesday with specialist officers near Lewisham, south London.

“Bro, how the f*** did I get raided and Boris Johnson’s there,” a man says to a camera in the video posted online.

The footage then cuts to what looks to be the inside of a home where a man carrying the camera opens a door to find police officers and what appears to be Boris Johnson wearing a form of protective vest and standing just behind the officers.

Mr Johnson leaves the area after viewing a drugs related raid by Metropolitan Police officers in West Norwood, London (Peter Nicholls/PA) (PA Wire)

“Wagwan Boris,” the man holding the phone says, which is a form of saying “what’s going on” in Jamaican slang.

“Good morning, how are you doing?” Mr Johnson appears to say in response.

The Independent reported that Splinter Sales, a hip-hop rapper, filmed the incident after waking up to shouts of “police” outside his shared flat.

The man, who the news outlet reported did not want his full name published, was reported as saying: “I woke up to see Boris Johnson in my face. I thought I was dreaming.

“I had a good time at [Notting Hill] carnival and I never expected it, pow, I was just so confused.”

Mr Sales said he was not arrested, adding “I don’t know what they were looking for but nothing happened to me,” The Independent reported.

“I think he (Boris Johnson) was pleased to see me,” he added.

Boris Johnson speaks to the media at a police station in south-east London (Peter Nicholls/PA) (PA Wire)

The video comes after Mr Johnson accompanied officers for an operation in Lewisham where the Metropolitan Police said it found class B drugs, paraphernalia and a suspected drugs line phone.

Later, the force said it made an arrest in relation to further enquiries after the operation. A man in 20s was arrested at a different address, in York Hill, Lambeth, on suspicion of supplying class A drugs, the Met said.

Speaking with reporters after joining a raid, the Prime Minister also downplayed concerns that the police are distracted by “woke” issues.

“Well, I’ve just seen them. I tell you what, I’ve just seen a bunch of police officers who woke quite a lot of drug dealers this morning and they woke them long before they were expecting to have their breakfast,” he said.

“They woke them with warrants, and they woke them with the news that they were under arrest for causing misery in the communities of London … I thank them for what they’re doing. They’re doing an absolutely fantastic job.”

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