08 November 2023

Viewers complain about behaviour of Big Brother housemates to Noky and Trish

08 November 2023

More than a thousand viewers have complained to Ofcom about “the behaviour” of Big Brother housemates.

On October 31, the media watchdog said it received 768 complaints that cited radio DJ Dylan’s “behaviour” towards Luton mother Trish after he was put up for elimination.

Over the course of the Halloween episode, dancer Olivia and Dylan confronted Noky and Trish about their nominations and both said they felt the pair’s explanation of why they chose them was scripted.

Dylan described Trish as “two-faced” during the episode while other contestants described Noky, a banker from Derby, as “fake” for nominating Olivia, with whom she shares a bed.

The fall-out of the surprise elimination, which saw NHS manager Kerry told to leave the Big Brother house, led to more complaints to Ofcom on November 1.

Olivia, Tom, Jenkin and Chanelle’s behaviour towards Trish and Noky received 50 complaints, according to Ofcom, while viewers made 45 complaints which “alleged bullying behaviour” from Paul towards Noky.

During the episode, Chanelle told Big Brother’s diary room: “Today feels like a divide in the house. I feel like it’s Trish’s group and then obviously Olivia and then Dylan.

“I would hate for Dylan to not feel part of a pocket of friends.”

The instalment also saw Dylan call Noky “two-faced” and “game-playing” as he put her forward for elimination.

Noky, Paul and Trish were all announced as facing elimination during the course of the November 1 episode.

There were a total of 97 complaints to Ofcom on November 3, which saw viewers object to clashes between housemates.

The media regulator said there were 62 complaints that objected to “Olivia, Tom, Jenkin and Chanelle’s behaviour towards Trish and Noky” and 50 complaints over “alleged bullying behaviour by Paul towards Noky and Trish”.

During Friday’s episode, Paul and Dylan were voted out of the Big Brother house as chants were heard by the live audience of  “get Paul out” and “get Dylan out”.

During the show, Paul asked Noky what she was staring at before calling her “strange” and “weird”.

Later, Trish stood up for Noky branding Paul a “bully” before an explosive argument ensued.

In his exit interview, Paul said: “Not everyone can be everyone’s cup of tea … I think me and Trish are very similar people so we could clash. I do like to wind people up and I said that before I came in.”

Dylan said he felt he was nominated for what he called “losing my rag” and also spoke about how he applied for the show originally to prove that amputees can do anything.

“Along with all the madness and all the craziness that I’ve brought, hopefully, amputees out there next year will think I’m going to give it a go because I’ve seen Dylan on there,” he added.

ITV has been contacted for comment.

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