23 March 2024

Washed-up beaver makes recovery at RSPCA wildlife centre

23 March 2024

A rescued beaver discovered washed up on a Kent beach has been recovering at an RSPCA wildlife centre.

The furry animal got into trouble from swallowing salt water and washed ashore at Sandwich Bay in East Kent.

After being rescued by British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR), the rodent has been cared for at the RSPCA Mallydams Wood in East Sussex, where camera footage shows him “back to enjoying eating and grooming”.

Centre manager Peter Smith said: “It’s quite common for beavers to get into difficulty at this time of year – the youngsters leave their family lodge and start exploring, but unfortunately some go for a swim in the sea and get into difficulty, and sadly many lose their lives.

“We have had four reported to us this week and sadly one had already died.”

Mr Smith was in the team that first reintroduced beavers back to England in 2002 at the Ham Fen project in Kent.

He added: “This poor chap was found washed up on a beach in East Kent by BDMLR rescuers and they brought him here to recuperate.

“After washing all the salt out of the beaver’s fur and giving them a bath, the beaver started to feel better. With lots of nutritious food including fresh willow, apples and carrots, the beaver has recovered.”

The beaver is recuperating in a lodge made out of straw bales to keep him safe and warm before it will transform the shelter with sticks from the woodland.

RSPCA vets have been monitoring the beaver through cameras set up where he can be seen happily eating and grooming, Mr Smith said.

The beaver will be returned to the wild once given the green light by vets.

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