Watch 11 year-old skateboarder become first person to land 1080 degree spin

Khury has completed a 1080-degree spin - the first ever person to do so on a vertical ramp (Instagram: Gui Khury)
12:27pm, Tue 12 May 2020
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Eleven- year-old Brazilian skateboarder Gui Khury has become the first person to complete a 1080-degree spin on a vertical ramp.

It was a move the sport's icon Tony Hawk couldn't complete, his best spin being a 900-degree turn and he completed the move 20 years ago.

Khury uploaded the video to social media and captioned it ‘1080!!!I have no words to explain what just happened’.

Khary's dad, Ricardo, said: "The isolation for the coronavirus helped because he had a life that was about school and he didn't have a lot of time to train, when he got home from school he was tired.

"He has an opportunity to train here, if he didn't have (the skate facilities)... he would be stuck at home like everyone else and unable to do sport. So the isolation helped him focus."

Brazilian schools are currently closed due to the pandemic and so Khury has been utilising the skate ramp at his grandmother's house.

Khury had previously become the youngest person to complete a 900-degree spin when he was just eight.

The video was shared on his Instagram and he mentioned his idols, Hawk and Bob Burnquist.

He said: “Some posted it on their stories and some actually posted it on their Instagram. I was like that's so crazy, because it's like a once in a lifetime experience. It's so amazing. It's the best feeling ever.”

Khury now has his eyes on completing a 1260-degree spin.

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