WATCH dog owner leap into frozen lake and break ice with his fists to reach stricken pup

15:03pm, Mon 15 Feb 2021
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It’s the question all dog owners ask themselves as the temperatures drop and lakes freeze over. If your pup jumped in and got stuck in the ice, would you go in after them?

And while every logical piece of advice is ‘don’t’, most owners, or heroic bystanders, throw caution to the wind and go wading in.

Fast forward to this weekend at east London’s Victoria Park where the excitement of chasing the ducks proved too much for one puppy who then became marooned by the frozen water and started yelping for help.

Its owner then plunged into the freezing cold lake and used his fists to smash through the ice as he waded towards the dog which was frantically paddling, trying to stay afloat.

The man then scooped him into his arms and got him clear of the ice before swimming back to dry land, to the relief and applause of a watching crowd

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