Welsh footballers Jess Fishlock and Nia Jones want fans to stop ruling out athletes when they pass late 20’s

Fishlock has said 30 is when you hit your prime
Fishlock has said 30 is when you hit your prime (EMPICS Sport)
14:46pm, Mon 27 Jul 2020
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Welsh footballers Nia Jones and Jess Fishlock have hit out at fans who write off players once they near 30.

Jones, 28, who also represents Wales in netball, shared her thoughts on Twitter, saying: "Can we officially stop saying footballers (or any athlete) are pretty much done once they’re past their late twenties now please? Prem Player of the Year: Henderson (30) Prem Top Goalscorer: Vardy (33).

“Not to mention the [goats] Ronaldo (35) and Messi (33)."

To which Fishlock, 33, responded: “Mate ... not even in your prime when you hit 30 now. 30 is the beginning of your prime. Need to change the narrative”

Jones added: “All people do in your twenties is wish for you to have ‘more experience’... hit 30 and it’s countdown to retirement. You’ll still be playing at 45 tbf”

Jones has said people shouldn't rule out athletes in their late 20's (Twitter: Nia Jones)

Fishlock then concluded that sport isn’t just physical, it’s mental as well.

She wrote: “It’s sooooooooooooo True. So easy to dismiss athletes due to age, think physically it’s too much and it’s not true ... People Also forget that sports is often played with your brain - that doesn’t fade at 30.”

Fishlock has just returned to football after being sidelined due to an anterior ligament injury. 

She plays in the National Women’s Soccer League and she returned to action with her club OL Reign for the league’s Challenge Cup this month.

The club reached the quarter-finals whee they were knocked out by Chicago Red Stars on penalties.

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