Worcester’s Alex Matthews feels ‘anxious’ after moving back to 15s following sevens programme cut

Matthews says she feels a bit lost (PA)
19:54pm, Fri 30 Oct 2020
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After the Rugby Football Union cut the sevens programme Alex Matthews switched back to 15s rugby and signed for Worcester Warriors, a move she now says has made her ‘anxious’.

Matthews added the unpredictable nature of the season has left her feeling a ‘little bit lost’.

She told BBC Sport: "I've been pretty anxious, even day-to-day tasks become quite overwhelming at the moment.

"I feel like I don't know where I am because half the week I'm with Worcester, half the week I'm in an England camp, then you've still got sevens at the back of your mind wondering if that is ever going to happen.

"I do feel all over the place but you've just got to take the opportunities that come up and that's what I'm doing here. You control what you can control."

Great Britain have qualified for the Olympics for sevens rugby which will take place next year and the Rugby World Cup is also planned to go ahead next summer.

Matthews is targeting to play at both competitions.

"I'd love the best of both worlds but that's just greedy isn't it? The Olympics would be great but at the moment it's so unknown. I'd give both a go if I could but we shall see."

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