111-year-old Australian man recommends eating chicken brains

Dexter Kruger
Dexter Kruger (AP)
7:48am, Mon 17 May 2021
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Australia’s oldest-ever man has said eating chicken brains has helped him live more than 111 years.

Retired cattle rancher Dexter Kruger has marked 124 days since he turned 111 – a day older than First World War veteran Jack Lockett was when he died in 2002.

Mr Kruger told the Australian Broadcasting Corp in an interview at his nursing home in the rural Queensland state town of Roma that a weekly poultry delicacy had contributed to his longevity.

Dexter Kruger (AP)

“Chicken brains. You know, chickens have a head. And in there, there’s a brain. And they are delicious little things,” Mr Kruger said. “There’s only one little bite.”

Mr Kruger’s 74-year-old son Greg credits his father’s simple Outback lifestyle for his long life.

Nursing home manger Melanie Calvert said Mr Kruger, who is writing his autobiography, is “probably one of the sharpest residents here”.

“His memory is amazing for a 111-year-old,” Ms Calvert said.

John Taylor, a founder of The Australian Book of Records, confirmed that Mr Kruger had become the oldest-ever Australian man.

The oldest-ever verified Australian was Christina Cook, who died in 2002 aged 114 years and 148 days.

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