20 December 2021

US-born China pop star Wang Leehom apologises over scandal

20 December 2021

An Asian American who is one of the biggest pop stars in China has apologised to his family and fans after a public dispute on social media with his ex-wife, who accused him of infidelity and hiring sex workers.

The days-long back-and-forth has riveted fans of Wang Leehom, who is popular across the Chinese-speaking world and has acted in movies including Lust, Caution in 2007.

The scandal was the top trending topic on the Chinese social media site Weibo, with many blaming and criticising the star.

Wang Leehom is one of China’s biggest stars (Chinatopix/AP)

Wang said he will now take a break from performing.

He appeared to be trying to end the burgeoning public relations disaster with his apology to his parents, ex-wife and their children.

“I failed to manage my marriage properly and caused trouble for my family. I didn’t give the public the image an idol should have,” he wrote. “This is all my fault.”

The social media war began after Wang, in an online post last week, confirmed speculation that he and his wife had divorced.

The scandal contrasts sharply with the wholesome family man image cultivated by the American-born songwriter and singer (Chinatopix/AP)

Her accusations contrasted with the wholesome image he had cultivated as a husband and father.

The singer was born in Rochester, New York state, to parents from Taiwan, according to online biographies.

He was last seen dodging the media at Taoyuan airport in Taiwan after arriving on Saturday from Beijing, Taiwan’s Central News Agency said.

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