26 May 2023

Some of the best food venues around the UK

26 May 2023

Birmingham boasts numerous long-standing restaurants that showcase the city's rich history and diverse communities. With several Michelin-starred establishments reflecting its thriving culinary scene, the abundance of Cantonese and curry houses speaks to the influence of migration and ethnic minorities. Despite challenges in the hospitality industry and rising costs of living, some eateries have endured, fostering a sense of community and familiarity. Such establishments can be found across Birmingham, including both the city centre and suburbs. We invite you to share your cherished local restaurants that have stood the test of time while we present 11 time-honoured Birmingham dining establishments.

Over recent months, we have featured a series on traditional old-school pubs in Glasgow, showcasing the finest establishments in the city. Our readers eagerly shared their top picks for classic Glasgow pubs. Here are 20 of our readers' favourite old-school establishments in the city.

For years, Glaswegians have debated the best kebab in Glasgow after a night out. To settle the matter, the foremost expert on Shawarma in Glasgow, the Shawarma Police, has ranked the best kebabs in the city. Hailing from London, the Shawarma Police have spent the last twenty years observing Glasgow's kebab scene. Read in-depth reviews and follow the latest updates on kebab culture in Glasgow on the Shawarma Police website, or follow them on Facebook.

Merseyside anticipates warm weather and clear blue skies this weekend, with meteorologists predicting temperatures up to 23°C next week. To satisfy cravings for chilled, sweet treats amidst the lovely weather, numerous ice cream parlours and dessert shops in Liverpool and its surrounding areas offer a range of gelato, ice cream, and fro-yo. We have analysed Google reviews to present the 12 highest-rated ice cream parlours in the region. Please note that only establishments with at least 40 reviews have been considered.

Glasgow is home to numerous delicious fish and chips shops, offering both traditional and innovative options for residents and visitors alike. Here are some of the top chippies across the city: Jaconelli’s, The Codfather, and Marco’s in North Glasgow; Coia’s Cafe, Guido’s Coronation Restaurant, Val D’oro, and Mario’s in the East End; Hooked, Catch, Salt & Vinegar, and Marina in the Southside; The University Cafe, Philadelphia, Old Salty’s, and Catch in the West End; and the Merchant Chippie, The Oxford, and Blue Lagoon Fish & Chips in the City Centre. Prices range from £6.80 to £13.50 for a fish supper.

Glasgow, a city with a rich history of pubs, has many establishments with intriguing names dating back centuries. In times when many patrons were illiterate, pub landlords opted for straightforward imagery, such as agricultural objects or familiar figures, for their signs. Irish pubs often carried the tradition of being named after their owner, which became prevalent in Glasgow due to mass Irish immigration. The city's pubs continue to maintain their classical naming conventions, with some names remaining unchanged for centuries. A deeper exploration into these names offers insight into Glasgow's unique schemes and districts.

For fast food enthusiasts in Newcastle, identifying the best McDonald's outlet can be a priority. We have meticulously analysed Google reviews to rank all the McDonald's locations in the area, providing a comprehensive list of the top establishments. Stay informed on the go with our free email newsletters, delivering the latest news and sports updates from the NewcastleWorld team straight to your inbox. Visit our website to learn more and subscribe.

Today marks National Wine Day, and while most celebrate with their favourite vintage, Glasgow recalls its tumultuous relationship with tonic wine, particularly the controversial Buckfast Tonic Wine. With a notorious reputation for inciting antisocial behaviour, Buckfast has been a subject of debate for decades. Despite its 15% alcohol content and relatively high price, it remains popular in Scotland. Competitors like ElDorado and King William Fortified Wine also vie for attention in the market. Historically marketed as a medicinal tonic, Buckfast's continued popularity is linked to its cultural significance within working-class communities.

A new restaurant offering authentic German kebabs has recently opened in the city centre. Der Berliner, inspired by Berlin's culinary scene, provides a casual dining experience where patrons can customise their own kebabs and loaded fries. All ingredients are locally-sourced, including lamb, beef, and chicken, with vegetarian options available. Manager CarolAnn Cassidy expressed pride in the eatery's healthy and nutritious offerings, contrasting significantly with traditional kebab perceptions. Alongside their delectable menu, Der Berliner serves a selection of German beers, cocktails, and soft drinks. Located in the heart of Merchant City, the restaurant accepts bookings, takeaways, and queries via their Facebook page.

A North Lanarkshire butcher, Coopers of Bellshill, has been crowned Haggis World Champion at the Scottish Craft Butchers Trade Fair in Perth. Owner Laura Black, who inherited the prized recipe from her parents in 2017, expressed her delight at bringing the world title to Bellshill. Coopers of Bellshill triumphed over 70 other competitors, with head judge John Wilkin praising the haggis' superb texture, hand-crafted appearance, and distinctive flavours.

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