Australian test captain Tim Paine admits soiling himself on the pitch during fourth Ashes test victory

Paine admitted to putting the team above his own comfort during the Ashes test (PA Images)
Paine admitted to putting the team above his own comfort during the Ashes test (PA Images)
9:33am, Mon 11 May 2020
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Captains are expected to put everything on the line for their team and Australia's Test captain Tim Paine did just that during the fourth Ashes test last summer when he let nature take its course on the pitch rather than potentially sacrifice retaining the urn.

Speaking on the Keeping it Real podcast, the 35-year-old admitted he had to make the personal sacrifice when the tourists were just one wicket away from victory on the fifth day of the Old Trafford test.

With ominous weather on the horizon, he felt it was the only choice he had with the limited time left.

“I was feeling a little bit ill and there were some big, dark clouds rolling in over the grandstand and we only had about seven overs left and obviously needed that one wicket,” he said.

“There was no drinks break left, and the umpires were starting to talk to each other about bad light.

“I just had a horrible feeling that I needed to go to the toilet... it was a No 2 and so I basically just thought, ‘righto, can’t waste any time, I’m gonna have to go’.

“I remember saying to Davie Warner, ‘I’m actually going to have to do this,’ and did.”

Luckily for Paine, Josh Hazelwood claimed the last England wicket of Craig Overton just moments later, meaning he did not have to keep wicket for long in his uncomfortable situation.

Podcast presenter Darren Berry, who has also worn the gloves for the Aussie side, had been tipped off about the story and had pushed the urn-holding captain to share it with the listeners.

"So you're telling me, the Australian captain … and no one knows this, you were squatting down behind the stumps, the Ashes about to be secured, Tim Paine soiled himself?' he asked.

Paine answered: “Yep. A number of the boys do know about it, I think probably all. Certainly the slips cordon were aware of it.”

He revealed his competitive spirit over-ruled his desire to find a toilet adding: "I just thought they're (the umpires) going to call the game off here and we're going to get stitched-up, so I couldn't be running off the ground.

“I reckon JL (coach Justin Langer) would have knocked me out.”

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