25 April 2020

Gary Lineker and Piers Morgan debate finishing Premier League season and conclude abandoning campaign 'may be the only way'

Gary Lineker and Piers Morgan fear the only sensible solution to the Premier League season could be to abandon it altogether.

Yesterday, the Dutch football association announced they have abandoned their top flight, the Eredivisie, with no champion, no relegation and no promotion.

And TV presenter Morgan called on the Premier League to adopt the same approach, saying: “This has always been the only fair way to resolve the season.”

Lineker then responded, adding: “May well prove to be the only way. Hardly the fairest way, though?”

Morgan supported his claim by saying: “I honestly think it is. Every other solution I have seen is less fair than simply accepting the season cannot be finished & voiding it. Holland has realised that, but we’re still desperately trying to save a season that can’t be saved.”

Lineker came back with: “Tell that to Liverpool fans. Whilst perspective is important during these awful times, it would be fairer to try, if possible, to finish it. Is it viable? Probably not, but that’s a different question.”

But Morgan shot the former England striker's point down by adding: “I would think Liverpool fans are a lot more concerned about how many of them were infected with #Coronavirus  during the Atletico Madrid game at Anfield on March 11, on the very same day the @WHO declared this a global pandemic...”

To which Lineker concluded: “On that we agree, although it’s a different point.”

Reports today suggest the Premier League could return behind closed doors as soon as late-May, although many hurdles around logistics, testing and players' fitness will have to be ensured before that can take place.

All of the clubs in the top flight have between nine and ten games remaining, with Liverpool the one team keen to resume the season as they need just two victories to secure a first title in 30 years.

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