British World champion sprinter Dina Asher-Smith offers advice to athletes at Chat with Champions event at Youth Winter Olympic Games in Lausanne

Dina Asher-Smith spoke in front of a large number of Youth Winter Olympic athletes (twitter: OIS_Olympic) @
Dina Asher-Smith spoke in front of a large number of Youth Winter Olympic athletes (twitter: OIS_Olympic) @
15:12pm, Mon 13 Jan 2020
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The darling of British athletics, World 200m champion Dina Asher-Smith spoke at a Chat with Champions event at the Youth Winter Olympic Games to offer advice and support to the young athletes.

The 24-year-old encouraged the stars of the future to always believe in themselves and push as far as they can saying: "Don't impose limits on yourself. Your brain might think one thing, but your body might be able to do something else. Just go for it.

Admitting that she has surprised herself with her successes, the first British woman to win a world sprint title added: "I have surpassed what the 14-year-old me thought I could do."

She acknowledged that others her age are having different experiences saying: "I'd love to be out and do every fun thing people my age are doing. But at the same time, I know I know I made the choice and I'm dedicating myself to be the athlete I want to be.

"I love it and I'm good at it. And if I'm successful my life will be better than it ever would've been if I was out partying.

"I just look at sacrifices as a choice. If [something is] not conducive to my absolute goal, then it's not necessary."

She rounded off with some parting advice.

"What we do is serious, but have fun and enjoy it. I have so much fun."

Ross Craik, a member of Team GB's mixed curling team, was thrilled to be so close to the British star. He said: "For them to come and speak to people like us, younger athletes developing into possibly one of the greater athletes like them, it’s just really inspiring and great to see.

“She’s somebody you can look up to, and it inspires you to want to push forward in your sport.”

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