03 March 2020

Boxing promoter Kellie Maloney attacks Good Morning Britain after being told not to come in for transgender debate

Boxing promoter Kellie Maloney has criticised Good Morning Britain after they cancelled her appearance on today's programme.

Maloney, who transitioned from Frank to Kellie in 2014, was set to debate transgender athlete Laurel Hubbard's inclusion in women's weightlifting at the upcoming Olympics.

But she was informed by the ITV show earlier this morning, which is hosted by Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan, that she was no longer needed as part of the segment, prompting Maloney to post the content of the email she received.

It read: "Good Morning Kellie, Apologies for this early email but I'm afraid we now won't be able to get you on the programme this morning.

"With so much coronavirus news we simply don't have the time. I'm so sorry. We really appreciate you offering to help us out and hope to have the opportunity to get you on again soon.

"Please forgive any inconvenience. If you could drop me a line to reassure me you've seen this I'd be very grateful."

Instead, ITV welcomed journalist India Willoughby and Joanna Harper, an advisor to the International Olympic Committee, to debate the issue.

Maloney captioned the photo she posted on social media, saying: "This is the email I received from #gmb this morning re there debate on transwoman in sport having a transwoman who kisses mr Morgans backside is not a debate but then the anti-trans-Brigade do not want a fair debate they want to kick the transCommunity around like a football."

GMB host Morgan has previously made his position on the issue surrounding Hubbard very clear, saying only last week: "This is insane. Women’s rights to basic fairness & equality are getting destroyed at the altar of political correctness.

"Trans women born with biological male bodies have a massive physical advantage against women born with female bodies in any sport where power & strength are significant factors.

"This shouldn't be a contentious claim, it's just a rather obvious fact."

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