England Lioness Lucy Bronze gives her tips for female success and it turns out 'confidence is key'

Bronze won the Silver Ball for the second best player at the 2019 World Cup (PA Images)
Bronze won the Silver Ball for the second best player at the 2019 World Cup (PA Images)
14:44pm, Mon 09 Mar 2020
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Lucy Bronze is at the top of her game and a role model for girls and women all around the country.

The 28 year-old was a member of Phil Neville's side that reached the FIFA Women's World Cup Final in 2019, claiming the Silver Ball for second best player along the way and was since named the UEFA Women's Player of the year 2019.

Now, in an interview for British Vogue, the right-back has shared her five top tips for forging female success with particular emphasis on confidence and always giving your all in pursuit of greatness.

Bronze was named UEFA Women's Player of the Year in 2019 (PA Images)

Confidence is key

Bronze admits she was shy when she was growing up but 'being more successful in sport' has helped her grow in confidence.

"It was about finding that [confidence] and being able to express it off the field, in wanting to help make a difference, and be a leader off the pitch,” she said.

Don’t rest on your laurels

She admits that, despite all she is currently achieving, she is always looking ahead to how she can improve and will only realise how much she has accomplished when she looks back over her career.

"In the moment, I’m thinking of the next thing," she said.

"I’m constantly looking forward and working even harder, to be even smarter than the year before.”

Your “drawbacks” can spur you on

The Lioness regarded the negative view people sometimes have around women playing football and how this has motivated her.

She highlighted the negatives of the situation saying: "We [as women footballers] are treated differently sometimes, the negatives of that are quite obvious – in terms of money, facilities, and how we’re treated in general – it’s a hindrance."

However, for the headstrong star, she uses this as a means to drive her on.

"I think my career has been pushed so much because I want people to watch me and think, ‘She’s good,’ and not about whether I’m a male or a female footballer.”

Always remain level-headed

"It’s easy to get carried away with yourself and think, ‘I’m the one, I’m there, I’ve made it," said Bronze.

Here she highlighted that all successes are a team effort saying: "You’re only as good as those around you.

"Every time I’m nominated for or I win an individual accolade, my first thought is, ‘Well, I couldn’t have done it without the team'.”

Use your status and your voice to inspire

Her final advice was a nod to the success of the England side and the impact it can have on young players wanting to take up the sport.

"I think being a female athlete, you kind of have two sorts of success: you have your [tangible] success, like trophies… and then you also have this other thing, actually changing the landscape of sport.

“[When we play for England] we’re inspiring the nation, and inspiring little girls and boys to see women footballers as role models – and great footballers, as well

Bronze is currently out of action with a calf injury, meaning she has had to sit out England's defence of their SheBelieves title.

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