13 February 2020

Lewes striker Katie Rood shocked to learn she's world's most equally-paid female footballer

New Zealand forward Katie Rood was astonished to discover she’s the world’s only female footballer to receive equal pay for both club and country.

The forward plays for Women's Championships side Lewes, who in 2018 became the first professional side to pay men and women the same.

That same year Rood’s other squad, the New Zealand women’s national team, achieved pay parity with their male counterparts in a landmark deal.  

Speaking about being the only known player to be in that position, Rood said: “It really shocked me recently when I realised.

"There are only a few national team federations that also treat and pay players equally and with Lewes being the only club that makes me the only player in the world who is treated equally and paid equally with my national team and my club.”

But Rood was quick to insist she hopes other players will find themselves receiving equal pay for both club and country in the near future.

Speaking to FiredUpSport she said: “Usually when you’re the only person in the world to achieve something it’s pretty cool.

“But it’s just shocking to me that we’re here in 2020 and I’m the only person who can claim that and I think it’s sad.

“I hope that I can be a part of that change so that other people and other clubs can get on board and be able to say the same thing.”

And Lewes General Manager Maggie Murphy told NewsChain its Equality FC campaign has not only helped the players, it’s also been good for business.  

She said: “A lot of people have become aware of us through our values and decided to support us. We now have owners in 26 countries round the world.”

But she insisted the club was motivated by morals, not money.

“I’m not going to describe it as a marketing campaign because it’s much more fundamental than that. But it has meant increased visibility and reach.”

Eighth-place Championship side Lewes, who have lost four of their last five, travel to Meadow Park on Sunday for a huge FA Cup fifth-round tie against Women's Super League champions Arsenal.

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