Manchester United manager Casey Stoney 'does not want VAR' in the Women's Super League

Stoney says VAR takes away the excitement of scoring a goal (PA Images)
Stoney says VAR takes away the excitement of scoring a goal (PA Images)
8:17am, Thu 09 Jan 2020
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Manchester United manager Casey Stoney says she doesn't want VAR in the Women's Super League.

The controversial new system, Video Assistant Referee, is a new concept which has been introduced in the men's top flight for the first time this season, while it was also used at the FIFA Women's World Cup last summer.

It has, however been blamed, for ruling out too many goals, slowing the game down and making a mockery of the offside law.

And Stoney, whose Red Devils side currently sit fourth in the top tier of English football, does not want to see the technology introduced in the women's game.

She said: "I don't like it. I like the drama of football. We aren't resourced for it for a start - we're lucky if we get one camera at WSL games, let alone 15.

"I like the fact that a referee makes a mistake because they're human and if I'm sitting in the crowd, I want to be able to celebrate a goal and not have to wait two minutes to see if it's onside or offside.

"I thought we were going towards, years ago, the advantage for the attacker to make it a more entertaining game, but it seems to have gone completely the other way now," she said.

"I don't want it in the women's game at all and I don't think we'll ever see it because I don't think we'll ever be resourced for it because there's not the money in the game."

However, one thing Stoney would like to see the WSL adopt is the use of goal line technology, something which was first used in the women's game at the 2015 World Cup.

"That's black and white isn't it? You know if it's in or out," she added.

"Sometimes, especially in the men's game, it can win or lose you a game, or keep you your job, so I would like to see that in the women's game."

United's next game is a trip to Liverpool on Sunday where they will look to bounce back from defeat to Bristol City last time out.

A full round-up of all the weekend's results will be brought to you on the NewsChain website as soon as the final match has concluded.

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