MMA fighter Ana Maria Pal axed from reality TV show 'Survivor' after headbutting fellow competitor Andrei Ciobanu

Ana Maria (left) in her more customary fighting arena (Instagram: @annamariapal93)
10:40am, Sat 22 Feb 2020
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Romanian MMA star Ana Maria Pal lost her temper after losing a challenge on the reality TV Show Survivor and took her frustration out on fellow competitor Andrei Ciobanu,breaking his nose with a violent headbutt. 

The 26-year-old had been taking part in a reward challenge but failed to hit bricks from a wall faster than her opponent, Lola, and subsequently lost.

Ana lost in the challenge and was not amused (Romanian survivor)

Ciobanu was on hand to offer some consoling words but the feisty Romanian fighter was having none of it.

In footage from the show, Ciobanu is seen walking over to Pal and saying: 'It's hard, Ana. It's hard!'

Ana Maria is shown head-butting Andrei Ciobanu (Romanian survivor)

Pal was not in the mood for a shoulder to cry on and instead reverted to her factory setting 'fight mode' and planted a hefty headbutt on Ciobanu's nose.

The victim is then shown falling to the ground as the Romanian No 2 stormed off claiming he 'deserved it'.

Ciobanu is seen clutching his face and lying on the floor (Romanian survivor)

Pal, who took up MMA aged 19 after becoming a mother, was instantly booted off the show and organisers have condemned her behaviour saying: "We will not tolerate such behaviour in Survivor, and our decision was that Ana Pal should not return to the island."

Ciobanu supported the decision, labelling the incident as a 'very ugly gesture'.

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