28 March 2020

'Isolation is very challenging': Castleford Tigers' Rhiannion Marshall writes exclusively for NewsChain

28 March 2020

Isolation is very challenging and I can probably speak on behalf of any athlete in any sport.  

I know the majority of athletes are improvising with workouts, especially the Castleford women’s team. We have a daily chat with our strength and conditioning physio coaches who give us daily things to do.

Obviously in normal day-to-day life we have gym-related programmes to follow or recovery days to follow. But at the moment we can’t really do them so I have found myself using objects from my house to do my weight sessions with.

I've made sure that every morning I go for a run or go to a field to do a session there. But it’s hard work for me personally as I’m a person where I will need the extra push!

I struggle with mental health and this is the only way I’m keeping myself sane, so when we are back ready for the season I’m in the best possible shape and mental space I can be in.  

Sisters in arms: Marshall is missing her Tigers team mates (PA Images)

When I got the message that the league was postponed I was so gutted! Rugby is my life, it’s my happy place ( most of the time). 

The thought of being stuck in my home for however long, without doing any sort of contact or passing drills and seeing my Cas lasses, it makes me feel so down and frustrated. 

It’s a massive year for a lot of the girls with the 2021 Rugby League World Cup coming up, so this will put a lot of pressure on us. We can do as much home workouts or running as we want but it doesn’t come close to our pre-season training or games!  

The thing is, I’m struggling personally to come to terms with the fact it could be months of no rugby.

But the reality of it is I have to surround myself with positive thoughts. A positive note is this isolation can give us extra time to get into shape, get the knocks and bruises sorted and do some real recovery every day.

When the season is here it will be the best yet! All teams are going to be so eager to get there hands on the ball and to really let some frustration out! 

All I can say is it’s going to be a very brutal first few games! And I CAN'T WAIT!  

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