Bristol Bears player Daisie Mayes opens up about her ongoing body image struggle

Mayes has spoken about her body image issues (Twitter: Daisie Mayes)
Mayes has spoken about her body image issues (Twitter: Daisie Mayes)
16:33pm, Tue 17 Mar 2020
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Bristol Bears player Daisie Mayes has spoken about the 'massive impact' her body image issues have had on her.

The Bears have a programme called 'Bear in Mind' which encourages girls in year 8 and 9 to continue sport but also teaches them about mental health awareness, body image and social media.

The programme is something Mayes is fully supporting following her own struggles with body image.

“It’s vital that sport clubs and athletes continue to have conversations around mental health in sport - especially in women’s rugby.

“Body image has a massive impact on women both consciously and subconsciously and on and off the field.

“Personally, I’ve struggled with my body image for as long as I can remember. Even now, in the middle of a Premier 15s game, I worry about whether my shorts look too tight or if my playing jersey makes me look fat.

“However, over the past few years I’ve tried to reframe my mindset to focus on what my body can do and not what it looks like. For example, I’ve hated my arms for years, but I’ve recently learnt to love them because I’m able to do pull-ups with a 10kg weight attached to me which I’m pretty proud of."

The Premier 15s season was due to get back underway after international break this weekend but due to the coronavirus it has been postponed until April 24.

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