WWE star Charlotte Flair says her father, Ric, brags about her too much as he compares her to Randy Orton

Charlotte Flair's dad has compared her to Randy Orton (Twitter: WWE All New)
Charlotte Flair's dad has compared her to Randy Orton (Twitter: WWE All New)
16:58pm, Fri 10 Apr 2020
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WWE star Charlotte Flair has been compared to Randy Orton by her famous father, Ric, who says she is the 'female Orton'.

Charlotte recently became two-time NXT Women's Champion at WrestleMania 36 against Rhea Ripley.  

And ahead of WWE's biggest showdown of the year that was played behind closed doors, WWE Hall of Famer Ric paid tribute to Orton. 

Orton has held the WWE Championship nine times and WWE's World Heavyweight Championship title four times. 

Ric then went on to say that his daughter is the 'female Orton' due to her natural ability to make the opponent look good. 

The 34 year-old and ten-time WWE champion, Charlotte, told Sun Sport exclusively: "Ahhh my dad. Randy is someone I very much look up to and I study his work.

"But everyone knows my dad is my biggest fan. So, of course he would compare me to Randy, but that's just an honour and sometimes my dad brags too much."

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