15 July 2023

Today's weather in London

15 July 2023

Today will start out with overcast conditions and cool temperatures around 15°C, with the possibility of scattered showers. As we move into the afternoon, the cloud cover will break a bit, revealing sunny spells and bringing temperatures up to a high of 23°C. Despite the sun's appearance, there's still a chance of occasional showers, so keep your umbrella handy.

Moving onto tomorrow morning, the conditions will be similar to today with overcast skies and temperatures hovering around 16°C. Scattered showers are possible, just like today. Heading into the afternoon, we can expect some respite from the cloud cover with sunny spells. The temperature will rise modestly to 23°C. The minimum and maximum temperatures for the day will be 14°C and 23°C, respectively.

Looking ahead at the next few days, the trend seems to continue with cloudy mornings followed by afternoons filled with sunny spells. The temperatures will remain fairly consistent, with minimums around 13°C and maximums reaching 22°C. As always, remember to carry a jacket or umbrella with you to stay prepared for potential showers.

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