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Billie Eilish Apologizes For Mouthing Racist Slur In Old Video

Billie Eilish has apologized for an old video that resurfaced on TikTok. In the video, the singer appears to mouth an anti-Asian slur while singing a song. Eilish was “13 or 14” years old at the time and “didn’t know [it] was a derogatory term" used against Asian people. The singer has said that she is “appalled and embarrassed” and says her “ignorance” and age at the time is no excuse. Eilish also apologized for a second video that shows her “speaking in a silly gibberish made up voice”. Some social media users accused the Grammy winner of mocking accents which she has strongly denied. It is absolute gibberish and just me goofing around, and is in NO way an imitation of anyone or any language, accent, or culture in the SLIGHTEST, Billie Eilish. Eilish said that she didn’t mean for her actions to “have caused hurt to others”. She finished her apology by saying that everyone needs to “continue having conversations, listening and learning”.

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