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Kim K Says Her Family Isn't Promoting Unrealistic Beauty Standards

People have reacted angrily after Kim Kardashian said her family doesn’t promote an unrealistic beauty standard. The comments were made on part two of the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' reunion show. Kardashian claims that the family doesn’t promote unrealistic standards as they “do the work”. Kendall Jenner went on to explain that her family’s biggest priority is staying “healthy”. She said that they try to represent being “the most healthy version of yourself”. Social media users called out the family for not discussing the cosmetic procedures they've had. One Twitter used said they were sad that the family have no “remorse for any damage that they’ve caused”. While others claimed that the family can’t even keep up with their own beauty standard. Khloe Kardashian later went on to admit to having a nose job and getting some injections.

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