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Watch the actress trying to get inside the mind of Monica Lewinsky

Actress Beanie Feldstein is hoping to show Monica Lewinsky in a different light when she portrays the controversial White House intern in her latest role.

Feldstein portrays Lewinsky during her affair with President Bill Clinton and the subsequent impeachment trial in December 1998.

The actress, 28, has become close to Lewinsky, who is a producer on Impeachment: American Crime Story.

She said: “I’d been studying her for 10 months by the time I met her, that when I met her, I just wanted to know the little things, the things that aren’t in books. ‘What nail polish did you wear to this event? What do you call your best friend, Catherine? Is it Cat, is it Cathy, is it Cath?’ These little specificities that really fill out the humanity of who a person is, and I didn’t want to get them wrong.”

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