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3 Tea-Making Mistakes You Probably Still Do

Turns out some people are very specific about their tea. Here are three mistakes you are probably making. 1. Reboiling The Water Reboiling water that has been left in the kettle is ruining the taste of your tea. This is because oxygen helps the flavor of tea to develop. Reboiling the water removes all the oxygen from the water. 2. Using The Wrong Teaspoon According to experts, the material your teaspoons are made of can greatly affect the taste of your tea. Experts say that the less reactive the metal of your teaspoon is, the better your tea will taste. Gold teaspoons will leave the purest taste but stainless steel teaspoons are good too due to being less reactive than silver. 3. Putting The Milk In Last A professor from Leeds University claims that adding milk at the start of the tea-making process results in a better cup. According to the professor, the flavor of your brew is created by the different compounds in tea. Adding the milk in early allows it to bind with the minerals, which results in a better overall flavor.

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