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High Processed Food Linked To Colorectal Cancer In New Study

A study published in the Clinical Nutrition journal found that a diet high in processed food has an increased risk of cancer. Researchers asked 8,000 adults to fill in a questionnaire about how often they eat ultra-processed food in a one-year period. Half of the participants had been diagnosed with colorectal, breast or prostate cancer, the other half acted as a control group. The researchers divided food and drink into four categories. They were: unprocessed foods, processed ingredients, processed foods and ultra-processed foods. Ultra-processed foods include “sugary soft drinks, ready meals and mass-produced industrial baked goods”. 10% increment in the consumption of ultra-processed foods and drinks was found to be associated with an 11% increase in the risk of developing colorectal cancer, A study published in the Clinical Nutrition journal. An increased risk of cancer could be fuelled by “additives” and substances with “carcinogenic potential”. Both of which are often found in ultra-processed food.

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