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'Crocodile hole' as a public cemetery for the bodies of patients with Covid-19 in Jakarta, Indonesia

This footage was filmed and produced 24 June 2021. Currently, with an estimated 2 million cases of Covid-19, burial of bodies is a crucial issue in Jakarta, which has long experienced limited burial grounds. Long before the pandemic, public cemeteries were a difficult task for the provincial government to tackle. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where many patients die almost simultaneously. What can be done, the Jakarta government must prepare green open spaces (RTH) to be used as public burial grounds for the bodies of COVID-19 patients. Green Open Space is actually needed for the modern development of the city, and has been a place for people's activities, even for children to play and have fun. The Green Open Space had to be converted into a public cemetery for the bodies of Covid-19 patients, because even under normal conditions, Jakarta has a crisis of ordinary graveyards. The Green Open Space that was chosen to be the Covid-19 Public Cemetery, one of the largest is on Jl. Kramat, Crocodile Hole, East Jakarta. It is located roughly behind the Lubang Buaya Museum complex which is also very spacious. Lubang Buaya is the historical site of the killing and burial of the heroes of the Indonesian revolution in 1965. This Indonesian horror incident is documented in the perpetuation of the Lubang Buaya Museum. From the place of execution of the Generals of the Indonesian Army, including Major General S Parman, to the inclusion of the bodies of the revolutionary heroes into an old well 12 meters deep and 75 centimeters in diameter. In the current pandemic period, the Lubang Buaya Museum as a historical tourist spot is increasingly deserted from visits by residents due to social restrictions and activities to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Ironically, Lubang Buaya will have a dark history as the Covid-19 Public Cemetery which takes up the widest Green Open Space of 5.2 hectares.

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