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Avoid This Mistake if You Are Running to Lose Weight

Avoid This Mistake if You Are Running to Lose Weight. According to nutritionists, running is not enough if you are trying to shed some pounds. Registered dietitian Natalie Rizzo says you will also need to follow a healthy diet. She says a common mistake is that people overestimate how many calories they've burned. Just because you're running and you're working out doesn't necessarily mean you can eat whatever you want, Natalie Rizzo, via Yahoo!. It really has to be a combination of exercise and diet. Eating healthy is generally what's going to make your weight loss goals happen, Natalie Rizzo, via Yahoo!. Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick adds that you may have to adjust your eating habits. If you're doing five or six miles, you're probably going to have to have some sort of simple sugar to refuel with, and of course water and electrolytes, Kristin Kirkpatrick, via Yahoo!. If you are running three to four miles daily, Kirkpatrick says that regular meals and snacks are allowed. Other great options are complex carbohydrates and lean sources of protein. For those who are just starting to run, Rizzo says to begin slowly. Another thing that can lead to injuries is going out too fast and trying to train too much, Natalie Rizzo, via Yahoo!

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