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3 Ways Beyoncé Keeps Her Skin Looking Flawless

Over the years Beyoncé has been kind enough to share a few of her beauty secrets. Here is how the living legend keeps her skin glowing and looking flawless. The singer told Elle in 2011 that when she is tired she puts gold eyeshadow in the corner of her eyes. This is because it’s more subtle than white eyeshadow but it still “makes you look more awake”. Beyoncé also told Elle that she smears Aquaphor on her face every night before bed. I go to bed looking totally greasy, it's not all glamour all the time, Beyoncé. The ‘Lemonade’ singer told Allure in 2011 that she uses her lip balm as a primer for her eyelashes before curling them. According to Beyoncé, this helps the lashes to hold the curl and makes them look shiny.

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