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4 Tips for Buying the Best Rosé This Summer

4 Tips, for Buying the Best Rosé This Summer. For wine aficionados, summer is the time for a refreshing Rosé. recommends , these 4 tips:. 1. Don't worry about the price. A good bottle of Rosé doesn't need to be expensive. . Kitchn’s Lifestyle Director Lisa Freedman recommends Aldi's award-winning $7.99 bottle of Côtes de Provence Rosé. 2. Be aware of the country of origin. When looking for a good under-$20 bottle of Rosé, . look for bottles made in countries such as France, Spain and Austria. 3. Fresh and bright is best. Unlike many other wines, Rosé is best when it's fresh. . Look for a recent vintage within the last two or three years. 4. Pick a bottle with under 13% alcohol content. Jeffrey Schiller, the author of Wine Hack, says that a rosé under 13% alcohol ... ... mimics the highly regarded rosés produced in the cool climate of Provence, France

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