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4 Ways a Professional Chef Would Improve Your Kitchen

4 Ways, a Professional Chef, Would Improve Your Kitchen. Follow these 4 tips to have a safer, more professional kitchen at home. Apartment Therapy recently asked Sohui Kim, chef and owner of Insa in Brooklyn, New York. for 4 quick-fixes to most home kitchens. 1. Throw away that gross sponge. Kim warns that a dirty sponge is, “a germ fest.” . Try to clean it regularly with hot water and bleach ... ... and replace your sponge every few weeks. 2. Sharpen your knives. Dull knives not only make prep work more difficult. they also are more dangerous. Kim recommends having your knives sharpened or learning how to sharpen them yourself. . 3. Less is more. It's important to have a clean and uncluttered workspace. Remove any appliances or other tools that are infrequently used. . 4. Non-stick is a no-no. Non-stick pans may be easy to clean. but when they start to peel they become dangerous. Try a cast iron or ceramic coated pan instead.

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