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5 Dog Breeds That Have Never Won The Westminster Dog Show

Despite their popularity, these adorable dog breeds have never won the prestigious Westminster Dog Show. Labrador retrievers have never won Best in Show, despite being the most popular dog breed in the US. Cindy Vogels, a Westminster Best in Show judge, believes this is because the breed is an “acquired taste”. Dachshunds have won Best of Group 11 times, but have also never won the show. The tiny dogs are the twelfth most popular breed in the US. While bulldogs have won Best in Show twice, French bulldogs have never won it. French bulldogs, who are the fourth most popular breed in the US, won Best of Group once in 2010. Great Danes have won Best of Group five times, but have yet to win Best in Show. Although the breed is Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite, Pembroke Welsh Corgis have never won the Westminster Dog Show. however, they have won Best of Group seven times.

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