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5 Tips for Beginner Cyclists

5 Tips, for Beginner Cyclists . 1. Safety first. Look for a helmet that is lightweight and comfortable. Safety features like MIPS, multi-directional impact protection system, help protect you from different types of impact. . 2. Be aware of the traffic environment and road conditions. Find a cycling guide to brush up on road safety awareness, basic road positioning, observation and anticipation. 3. Download a cycling app. . A cycling app can help you optimize your trip. 'Independent' recommends Bike Hub Journey Planner which offers spoken instructions, multiple routes and a number of other handy features. . 4. Basic maintenance is essential. Most importantly, check the tire pressure, brake lines and pads and oil the chain. . A local bike service center can always help you. . 5. Find a cycling club. . Finding other experienced cyclists to ride with is a great way to become a more competent rider. . It's time to hit the road.

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